Covid-19 Surge In Odisha: Govt Issues Guidelines For Hospitals To Ensure Safety Of Other Patients| Today Covid-19 News|

Bhubaneswar: Odisha is now passing a through a crucial stage of Covid-19 surge.
Under such circumstances, it has now become imperative to ensure that hospitals and other healthcare institutions do not become hotspots.

In the backdrop of the fears, the State government on Tuesday issued fresh guidelines for hospitals. The objective of the guidelines is also to prevent large number of frontline health care providers from getting infected and ensure that all non-Covid health care facilities in the State remains unaffected from contamination.

As per the guidelines, in case Covid positive cases are detected in any section of the hospital, other patients in the room must be shifted to another room temporarily. Similarly, clear instructions have been issued to ensure that the room is sanitized, terminally cleaned and can be reused after closing down for 24 hours.

No life threatening procedure, treatment shall be denied or deferred on the ground of suspicion of COVID infection or non-availability of COVID test report. The hospital shall undertake such treatment taking all universal precaution as per guidelines.

The Odisha government has issued clear instructions to all government and private hospitals to strictly adhere to the IPC (Infection Prevention & Control) guidelines.

Here are the guidelines:

-It is mandatory to create a separate fever clinic and isolation zone / block in hospitals for purpose of screening ILI / SARI cases, suspected contacts, persons coming from hotspot areas and any other suspected COVID cases ; to provide testing / treating facility to these persons. Such facility should have separate entry and exit.

โ€“ All patients coming to the hospital should be screened and triaged observing all IPC protocols.

โ€“ All hospitals are to ensure adequate hand washing, hand rub facilities and enforce use of mask and social distancing

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