New Covid-19 News | April 23 | 2021| Triple Mutant Covid-19 Strain Not Found In Odisha So Far: ILS Director

Bhubaneswar: Amid growing concerns over the more virulent triple mutant variant of Coronavirus, the head of a top medical research facility in Odisha on Friday said that the new variant of the virus has not been detected in the State so far.

Presence of Mutant Covid-19 Strains In Odisha Will Be Known In Two Days'

Explaining the triple mutation, Director, Institute of Life Sciences (ILS), Bhubaneswar Ajay Parida Parida said, “It is just a scientific nomenclature. After the double mutation, it is now the triple mutation which means three different Covid strains combining to form a new variant.”

He said though there are reports that the triple mutant variant of the virus also called as ‘Bengal strain’ of Covid-19 is more infectious than other strains, a detailed analysis has not been done so far to find out how it will affect people.

“As the triple mutant variant of coronavirus has been found in West Bengal, the Odisha government has sealed borders with the neighbouring state and took other measures to ensure that the new strain did not spread in the State. It is a welcome step,” he added.

Speaking about genome sequencing, Parida said 13,000 samples have been tested from December last year to March 15 this year across the country. In Odisha, 484 samples were tested. It showed 15 double mutant strains and 15 UK variants.

“Moreover, the samples from March 15 till date have been sent for genome sequencing. The report will be received by Monday. It will reveal if the triple mutant of the virus is present in Odisha or not,” he added.

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