Weast Bengal update | may 5 | Challenges Ahead For Mamata After Becoming Chief Minister Of Bengal |

Weast Bengal update | may 5 | Challenges Ahead For Mamata After Becoming Chief Minister Of Bengal |

Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo Mamata Banerjee sworn in as Chief Minister for the third time at Raj Bhavan on Wednesday at 10.45 am after putting a hat-trick of victories in the Bengal assembly elections. The oath-taking ceremony was organized at Raj Bhavan. It was a low-key program given the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

In Bengal, Mamata Banerjee got an incredible victory with absolute majority. The people of Bengal have given huge mandate in favor of Didi and cleared the way for her to become the Chief Minister for the third consecutive term.

Political experts say that after this election, Mamata has emerged as a powerful leader who can compete with anyone. The power of Bengal is now in the hands of Didi, but after becoming the Chief Minister, there are many challenges before her.

Rising Corona Graph

The biggest challenge in this front is the growing graph of Corona cases in West Bengal which seems to be out of control. The first and foremost challenge for Mamata Benerjee as a Chief Minister is to control the rising graphs of Corona in the State.

This is the first time the active cases of Corona in West Bengal have crossed the one lakh mark. The election in West Bengal is the one of the main reasons behind the increase in Corona case in the state. Till March 24 i.e. the first phase elections, 628 cases were identified on daily basis in West Bengal. But during the eighth phase election, the Corona picture in the state completely changed. On April 29, till the eighth phase poll, more than 14,000 corona cases started coming up in Bengal in a single day. Realising this fact in her post result press conference, Mamata said, โ€œMy first priority is to handle the Covid situation. I appeal to my workers not to hold any victory rally .We can do it later after this Corona situation will get over. Now our main focus should be to handle Corona situation in the state.โ€


The second challenge is Vaccination. West Bengal has a population of about nine crore but so far, only 23 lakh people have been vaccinated. In such a situation, it is a big challenge for Mamata to vaccinate such a large population.

Strong Opposition

The third challenge is organised Opposition. The BJP has won 77 Assembly seats in Bengal and the saffron that has emerge as the second largest political party in West Bengal, will sit in the Opposition. For the first time, Mamata will get a tough challenge from the organised opposition in the form of BJP.


Unemployment is a big issue in West Bengal and Mamata was blamed in the past for not addressing this issue as seriously as it has to be. According to the rising Unemployment graph in the state, the rate of unemployment in West Bengal has reached 6.7 percent. After being sworn in as Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata will have to work on a plan to reduce unemployment.